Blindspot #008 – The Searching for Madness in the Method 008.001 Special

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Blindspot #008 – 8.9.21

Blindspot #008 still coming to eyeballs close to you from Bunker 42. 

Search for Madness in the Method Special Edition (008.001) Chapter 8 – What is Frigmentation then? 

[Frigmentation is a condition unique to the twenty-first century, it is a portmenteau word, combining Friction and Fragmentation to yield – FRIGMENTATION]

Blindspot wants you to see the world others don’t. For this reason, edition #008 deliver a thinking tool to eyeballs close to you, to help on the path towards seeing the world other’s don’t. 

This tool, extracted from a recent Buiteboer [aka Dr Petrus de Kock] book, Searching for Madness in the Method. This main title has a somewhat suggestive sub-title that encompasses the following words: this is not a Survival Guide to Autopilot’s Disease and the Turbulent Twenties of the Twenty-First Century. 

Blindspot commits to do a very special special on Autopilot’s Disease (partly inspired by the thought and ancient knowledge Credo Vasemazulu Mutwa shared with a rather ignorant world), and to bring it to eyeballs close to you, soon!

Through an exploration of the following stories Blindspot will engage with the potential meanings and implications of – FRIGMENTATION. 

  • SA – Constitutional Court rules local government elections to proceed as planned
  • The interesting ‘belt’ of eastern, central- and north African countries not in the African Continental Free Trade Area (yet) 
  • The Guinea coup and the unravelling of a regime 
  • Protests in Canada, France, Australia, and the Netherlands against Health Pass Apartheid & biomedical tyranny 
  • South Africa’s vaccine ‘encouragement’ strategy – ‘More freedom coming your way… if…’
  • And then the big story of the week – the Multipile manifestations of Frigmentation!

The reason Blindspot #008 decided to pause on a concept from Searching for Madness in the Method, is that in the past week mayhem spread across several jurisdictions such as France, Canada, the Netherlands, USA, and Australia as demonstrations against increasing covid-vaccine apartheid erupted. In places your jab card is now your ‘job’ card, your digital pass to go places you should be able to go to anyway, as ‘free’ citizen. Blindspot does not dwell on the for- and against of vaccines, but most certainly argues that the issue of states using a health pass to control, monitor, and impose undemocratic policies is what is at stake. In South Africa during 2020 we saw how the government banned the sale of tobacco products, in an effort to fight Covid, which was ultimately found to be unconstitutional by the highest court of the land! Meaning, democratic demagoguery and information war skulduggery is thickening fast in the perceptual dome/skull bone wherein the soft-core humanoid brain processor hides. We enter the era of Totalitarian Virality riding dark horses of information wars. 

All of the above point to cases of frigmentation at work. What risks, Blindspot asks, do individuals and citizens face as the Dictatorship of the Digitosphere, and the Digital Feudal Overlords clamp down on your material movements, as your mind is constantly scanned for errand thoughts hidden in your latest Fleisbook (aka Facebook) ’post’.