Searching for Madness in the Method preview: Chapter 8 – What is frigmentation, then?

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Searching for Madness in the Method - Chapter 8 What is frigmentation, then?

On Saturday 21 January, 2023, we add a few ideas before plunging into the sample Chapter 8, from Buiteboer’s – Searching for Madness in the Method. The concept, frigmentation is now even more relevant than ever before. At the time of publishing the book, many dynamics of a frigmentational nature could already be identified. However, by now, the Ukraine-Russia war (erupting on 24 February, 2022) has led to a Cold War 2.0, the rise of Eurasia, and fundamental structural changes in the global system. This means frigmentation, a combination of friction, and fragmentation, can be applied to analysis of the world system, culture wars, identity politics, and economic catastrophes breaking societies apart, as we speak, in the year 2023…

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A conflagration of friction and fragmentation = Frigmentation 

Frigmentation occurs naturally in a world with very many seemingly fertile breeding grounds. Frigmentation applies to the macro-level strangeness of a combination of contradictory forces: 

  • a world digitally integrated – with physical movement across borders severely restricted;
  • a digital global marketplace – yet, with trade- and tech wars threatening an ultimate de-coupling of the West and East;
  • A world that preaches integration – yet, ethnic, religious, and identity conflicts have torn at foundations of territories way too many to count – from Libya to Yemen, Iraq to Damascus, Afghanistan into Azerbaijan, Ukraine into Kashmir, from the Eastern DRC to the Islamists hiding in the bushes of Northern Mozambique;
  • Frigmentation occurs when multiple organic/real social forces intersect not only with each other, but with echo chambers of digitized infomotainment (information + FOMO + entertainment = infomotainment) that each proliferate its own pre-manipulated version of the truth, now let’s go and find ‘sense’ in all of that;
  • Frigmentation occurs by the millisecond on digital battlefronts where algorithms and bots block and/or boost visibility and virality of posts and select campaigns. It enhances friction between online forces, and ensures that the gulag system of neat digital bantustans are maintained as spaces where all ideas are not only separate, but most definitely in the eyes of the AI – unequal;
  • Social media connects people and enhances communication – yet, depressions and behaviour disorders abound. All manner and forms of social isolation occur caused by over-exposure to all the ‘sense’ of the social media-verse(s);
  • Friction and Fragmentation in portmenteau manifestation – Frigmentation – unleashes multiple vectors and forces – see the Abstract Machine of Mutation covered in Section 15.2 below;
  • On its own, friction, is a potentially positive force in nature. However, when engaged as component of a portmenteau situation with fragmentation, it means that it enhances all the potentially acidic meanings and tendencies inherent in this concept; 
  • Frigmentation is both cause- and outcome/result of armed black militias marching against armed white militias in US streets occupied by local and federal police units that, in brand look and feel, very much resemble units of armoured soldiers rolling through Hollywood’s version of Afghani dust-lands. It can only end badly once suicidal forces of frigmentation reach High Street for their gunslinger showdown at Noon;
  • It is the Nonsense (the over-production of sense in the age of totalitarian virality), and not the absence of sense, that is a major driving force of Frigmentation.