Blindspot 115 – Ukraine = Europe’s Afghanistan? NUKE war warnings as NATO shoots at Russia & the US Builds Mega Debt Bomb

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Blindspot 115 - Ukraine = Europe's Afghanistan? Nuke war warnings as NATO shoots at Russia, while the USA builds a Mega DEBT BOMB...

Now that South Africa has made it through to the re-installment of Mr Buffalo in the government’s driver seat, it is not yet time to heave a sigh of relief. The next instalment of drama awaits in the next 24 to who knows how many hours, for the GNU cabinet to be announced. Yet, in this delivery we cover other blindspots…


I – Alien representative confusion at White House LGBTQ invasion (while Putin visits North Korea) 

II – US quietly lifts sanctions on the Ukraine NAZI AZOV brigade 

III – Busy times for the Russian naval forces – Cuba & Egypt 

IV – While on the seas – Houthis launch first Unmanned Surface vehicle in successful strike

V – Israel aiming to strike Lebanon next? IDF Generals approve battle plans 

VI – US building a mega Debt Bomb