Irreversible changes to ‘world order’ – a Blindspot interview with Prof Ian Liebenberg

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Blindspot 87 & 88 - Interview with Prof Ian Liebenberg (aka Jan Kalahari)

On the 11th of September, 2023, Blindspot conducted an extensive interview with Ian Liebenberg to reflect on some of the turbulent changes afoot in the world ‘order’. 

Due to some technical gremlins the interview was only released shortly following on his rather untimely passing. We are saddened by the loss, but will forever be grateful for the tremendous memories he leaves us with. 

Buiteboer included a translation of one of Ian’s short stories in the book – Searching for Madness in the Method: this is not a survival guide to Autopilot’s disease and the turbulent twenties of the twenty-first century.

Click here For more on the non-redacted, first time ever translation into Machiavellian Inglish of Prof Jan Kalahari’s story – ‘Rook as Misdadigheid’ (Smoking as criminal offence).

To visit the Buitboer’s Blindspot channel on Rumble – Click Here 

Irreversible changes to 'World Order' - Blindspot interview with Prof Ian Liebenberg (aka Jan Kalahari) Part 1 & 2