Blindspot exploration of Cognitive War, the Twitter Files & the 6th domain of warfare

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Blindspot 60 & 61 interrogates the Twitter Files, Cognitive War, and the reasons Elon Musk warns against a singular New World Order global government

In these Blindspots we cover: 

  • Quick recap of how what cognitive war is and how your mind/brain has been identified as legitimate battlefield, or, as NATO’s 6th domain of warfare;
  • How the Twitter files revelations support and provide evidence of the idea (in Buiteboer’s Searching for Madness in the Method) of Digital Feudal Overlords running the planet like a Dictatorship of the Digitosphere;
  • Then we are reminded of the Greek roots/origins of the term Cyber/Cybernetics as science of control;
  • We ask, how does Autopilot’s Disease fit into all of this?;
  • Following on which we quickly delve into two books – Information Operations, and Techgnosis to further illustrate the madness in the method of the machines sold to us as the ‘future’ of the planet with humans left behind as – excess meat. 

Blindspot 60 Cognitive War (1) : The Twitter Files, Digital Feudal Overlords & the Dictatorship of the Digitosphere

Blindspot 61 Cognitive War (2): Elon Musk warns against a Singular New World Order (global) Government - exploring militarised cyber-spaces