Blindspot 43 & 44 – It is about Cold War 2.0 & the rise of ‘Eurasia’ *stupid!

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Blindspot has been tracking developments in Eurasia, in response to Economic War on the Russian Federation… Together here, the latest two deliveries on the topic. 

In Blindspot 33.3 we asked whether Vladmir Putin is the face of Eurasian resistance. Well, now in number 43 we can confirm that not only is he the face of Eurasian resistance, but, also that of Eurasian integration. 

In #43 we covered a new rail corridor, connecting St Petersburg, all the way through Iran, Tajikistan, to Mumbai in India. More than just a new sanctions-busting corridor, but, significant for the larger Eurasian project.

In #44 we look at why all eyes should be on Tehran this week (19 July 2022), for the Summit, hosted by Iran, between the three leaders from Russia, Turkey, and host nation – Iran. We do this to catch a glimpse of the real-world unfolding of a fundamentally physically re-routed, geo strategically re-oriented, and re-imagined regional and global strategy of the Russian Federation. All as a result of economic war actions taken by the west.