B-Spot Special 3/P1: South Africa’s Unconstitutional 2020 tobacco ban re-visited via 1998

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Blindspot Special 3.1

We share this, free & gratis. An extract from Buiteboer’s book Searching for Madness in the Method: this is not a survival guide to autopilot’s disease and the turbulent twenties of the twenty-first century. 


Smoking as Criminal Offence and Sigmund the Fraud Recolonises Africa: The officially non-redacted, first time ever translation, into Machiavellian Inglish, of Professor Jan Kalahari’s short story

We do this to celebrate the fact that in June 2022, the South African High Court of Appeal, ruled, like the Western Cape High Court, in December 2020, that the ban imposed on the sale of tobacco products, as part of COVID-19 lockdown and national lock-up procedures, was in fact, unconstitutional. This means South Africa’s cabinet has a minister declared doubly unconstitutional by the courts! 

In a world where, in the name of combatting a pan(dem)ic, manifold human and civil rights have been violated, it is impossible to catalogue all statist abuse actions. Here we look at evidence of madness in the method of the South African government decision to ban the sale of tobacco products, in order to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In the course of the next special Blindspot deliveries we chronicle the madness in the method of the South African government banning the sale of smokable product, unconstitutionally, and how it plunged smokers into a banana republic of smuggling and criminal conduct for a smokable score…

  • We will show how a murderous anti-smoking lobby led by a certain Dr ND Zol, nearly led to the mass extermination of South African smokers, in the cold wintry months of a national lockup in 2020;
  • How Prof Jan Kalahari’s exceptionally prophetic short story from 1998 regarding plans for mass extermination of smokers in South Africa, help to uncover a sinister plot in the year 2020, under pan(dem)ic circumstance;
  • For the first time, this chapter reveals a deep secret, being that if it was not for for Vladmir Putin, and Xi Jinping, together with BRICS partners, and an anonymous Joint Venture of Cuban Cigar manufacturers, the social activity of smoking would have been extinguished in a brutal campaign of slaughter of smoking bodies;
  • We reveal that a clandestine BRICS R2P (Right to Protect) intervention in South Africa in the cold months of a wintry level 5 & 4 national lock-up (2020) successfully countered the murderous counter-smoking dictatorship taking shape in South Africa at the time.

For the record, during the period of April to August 2020, both alcohol and tobacco were banned, leading South Africans buckling under nicotine & alcohol withdrawal symptoms, to think they’d suddenly fallen through the looking glass, into a Banana Republic. 

During the five months of April to August, 2020, smokers and drinkers may be excused if they started thinking very paranoid thoughts, such as that a faction of the Islamic State had infiltrated, and taken control of the National Corruption Command Council (NCCC). 

Gradually they were turning democratic Mandela’s Republic into The Islamic Republic of SouthAfriCaniStan under the leadership of Hajji Dr ZOL & NCCC, with four basic laws: 

No Smoke, No Drink, No Dancing, No Nothing.

A list of important dates covered in the video version Blindspot Special 3.1…

  • 23 March, 2020 – President Ramaphosa announces National Lockdown for 21 days as of 26 March 2020 – including of course a ban on the sale of tobacco/smokable product;
  • 23 April 2020 – President Ramaphosa announces move to Level 4 Lockdown, with sale of tobacco products allowed by 1 May, 2020;
  • Between 23 and 26 April 2020, Minister of Cooperative Governance & Traditional Affairs, Dr ND Zuma, contradicts the president’s statement, and re-enforces a ban on sale of smokable product;
  • Sale of tobacco product would only be re-legalised in August 2020.

Significant court victories showing that a doubly unconstitutional minister still serving in the nation’s cabinet. 

  • December, 2020, the Cape Town High Court declares said ban, unconstitutional;
  • June, 2022, The High Court of Appeal, also declares the smokable product ban unconstitutional.

Coming to eyeballs close to you soon!


The nuts & bolts of the prophetic short story from the long ago time and place of 1998, penned by Prof Jan Kalahari aka Ian Liebenberg. We encourage all to read the full free text of the chapter, verse and story shared here. But, for those averse to reading more than 170 characters on a screen we shall endeavour to summarise in voice & video form. 

The summarised sections of the translation of Prof Kalahari’s story we are covering here: 

I – Back to the future of 1998 

II – Smoking declared a crime & constitutional changes afoot

III – Democratic South Africa gives birth to: Project for the Total Suppression of Habitual Smoking- and other Nicotine Related Smoking Disorders

IV – Techno-science to the rescue 

V – Creation of Tactical Counter-Smoke Strike Units to wield SEEBESEMS to turn smokers into cat & dog food pellets

VI – A National Dragnet of Super Sensitive Smart Smoke Detectors – Switched ON – 1 January, 2000

VII – D-Night (2 January 2000) – deploying the Tactical Counter-Smoke Strike Units operationally on an unsuspecting bang babalaas smoking public

VIII – Minister of Health declares success as Newspapers report on 3 January, 2000, that 787 Smokers Snuffed Out in Millenial New Year “Operation Stompie Surprise”