Blindspot #028 – Bill Gates says Omnicron a better vaccine than ‘the jab’, at Munich Security Conference

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Blindspot #028 – Bill Gates: Omnicron ‘better than’ vaccines at Munich Security Conference

Buiteboer // Dr Petrus de Kock 


Blindspot takes unlikely gaps to not only reflect on the now, but how something of the past might cast an interesting light, or shadow, on the present. Both stories come from the recent Munich Security Conference (18-20 February, 2022).

I – Arms Washing to Africa via Ukraine 

From long before the presenter- and author of the Blindspot experiment could have thought that he would one day be engaging in such actions from Bunker 42, Buiteboer has been following developments in Ukraine. 

This means that in recent months, as information war broke out on the topic of a rumoured Russian invasion of Ukraine, Blindspot noted with concern how the United Kingdom, France, the USA foremost among others, dropped weapons shipments by the plane- and truckload in Kiev’s hands, to support the want-to-be NATO partners’ impending show-down with the ‘big bad bear’ to the East. 

Regardless of the support, President Zelensky, made two notable complaints. The first is that since 2014, Ukraine clearly indicated its willingness to join both NATO, and the EU. In both cases there is no clear ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer forthcoming according to the president. And note, Russia recently indicated that if Ukraine is to join NATO, it would cross a most definite and dangerous line in the strategic sand (see Blindspot #028). 

More worryingly though, the president went on to warn that the Budapest Agreement (1994) saw Ukraine relinquish all its Cold War-era held nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees from western nations. President Zelensky indicated that if Ukraine does not get serious security reassurances from ‘partners’ to the Budapest agreement, that it will initiate a process of reviewing Ukraine’s position on it. In short, Ukraine might want to go nuclear if its concerns are not heard, and acted on, by what he sees lukewarm western partners. 

But here is  why the above became relevant to Blindspot, because we recall an article from the year 2017, on the Organised Crime & Corruption Reporting Project website, entitled: Arms-Washing: Ukraine Network Moves Embargoed European Arms to Africa and the Middle East. Published: 25 September 2017, WRITTEN BY GRAHAM STACK.

Blindspot adds the link below for ease of reference. 

The only reason Blindspot is raising this is, seeing that in recent weeks civilians from the disputed Donbass, and Luhansk regions of Eastern Ukraine, have had to be evacuated by the tens of thousands, to Russia. This due to increased shelling by Ukrainian forces of cities, and civilian areas. 

The new weapons, to support of the Ukrainian government has clearly emboldened the government to intensify its onslaught on the disputed territories. Here is the Blindpsot question, if such additional amounts arms, and advanced systems are flooding into Ukraine, and there is a history of ‘Arms washing’ through Ukraine to Africa, will the world have to watch for an avalanche of second-hand and new weapons washed through Ukraine to other sites of hot proxy war around the world? 

II – Bill Gates at Munich Security Conference – Omnicron better than vaccines to ensure immunity! 

As some commentators have been commentating – the worst thing about locking everything down for “Fifteen days to flatten the curve,” is the first two years thereof. 

Nevertheless, then there came the epic inner-biological system and chemical company space-race to produce vaccines at breakneck speed. Mr reboot-Windows-Error&EverydayUpdate Gates was of course one of the main global cheerleaders of the importance, safety and efficacy of the MRNA-tech vaccines. And, of course, the need to get a needle into every arm on the planet, not once, but serially and on an ongoing basis like Windows Updates uploaded into your arm & bloodstream. 

Well, surprise surprise, at the recently concluded Munich Security Conference Mr Gates said clearly that the Omnicron, and other variants have become better ‘vaccines’ than the pharmaceutical company vaccines. 

Natural immunity follows from exposure to the Omnicron and other variants. He also specifically refers to the African continent where the mix of vaccination, and natural immunity – stemming from previous infection and recovery, is already doing the job of providing natural immunity. 

If it is the case that Mr Reboot-Windows-Update-Gates gave a nod to low-tech, old school organic natural immunity, very many are going to use those words to attack the needle-mandate carrying political heads populating governments around the world.