Blindspot 27 – Forces of Frigmentation at the Beijing Winter War-Game Olympics

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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics as Geopolitical & Info-War Games...

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Blindspot #027 – Forces of frigmentation at the Beijing Winter War-game Olympics   

Buiteboer // Dr Petrus de Kock 


It is about frigmentation 

Even the briefest of moments of ‘news’ bouncing like light pulses around the data-arteries of the digitosphere, are manifestations of frigmentation, like: 

  • In Canada truckers are bringing the country to a hyper-mobilised stand-still as the population of a ‘free country’ stand up against draconian medical measures imposed by an over-eager vaccine needle mandate wielding government. 
  • In Mali, thousands of people took to the streets on Friday (4 February 2022) this week to celebrate the expulsion of the French ambassador to the country, and to protest against ongoing European, and particularly French forces, deployed for the epic no-end-in-sight counter-insurgency operations this country maintains in the Sahel. 
  • Interestingly enough, Aljazeera reports that at these celebrations on Friday, people were waiving Russian flags and burned cardboard cut-outs of French President Emmanuel Macron. 

The above stories, and all of those to be covered in this delivery of Blindspot can be understood better when we incorporate a concept from Buiteboer’s Searching for Madness in the Method, being: Frigmentation. Frigmentation is a portmenteau word that brings together the best of all the worst acidic characteristics of the concepts – friction and fragmentation.

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Extract from Chapter 7 

Searching for Madness in the Method: this is not a survival guide to autopilot’s disease and the turbulent twenties of the twenty-first century [By Buiteboer]

What is Frigmentation, then?  ->> A conflagration of friction and fragmentation = Frigmentation 

Frigmentation occurs naturally in a world with very many seemingly fertile breeding grounds. Frigmentation applies to the macro-level strangeness of a combination of contradictory forces: 

  • a world digitally integrated – with physical movement across borders severely restricted;
  • a digital global marketplace – yet, with trade- and tech wars threatening an ultimate de-coupling of the West and East;
  • A world that preaches integration – yet, ethnic, religious, and identity conflicts have torn at foundations of territories way too many to count. From Libya to Yemen, Iraq to Damascus, Afghanistan into Azerbaijan, Ukraine into Kashmir, from the Eastern DRC to the Islamists hiding in the bushes of Northern Mozambique;
  • Frigmentation occurs when multiple organic social forces intersect not only with each other, but with echo chambers of digitised infomotainment (information + FOMO + entertainment = infomotainment) that each proliferate its own pre-manipulated version of the truth, now let’s go and find ‘sense’ in all of that;
  • Frigmentation occurs by the millisecond on digital battlefronts where algorithms block and/or boost visibility and virality of posts and select campaigns. It enhances friction between online forces (and fragmentation of real-world human societies, families, and communities), and ensures that the gulag system of neat digital bantustans are maintained as spaces where all ideas are not only separate, but most definitely in the eyes of the AI – unequal…

To set the scene of major geopolitical frigmentation at play in the world system, we kick off with an epically well produced piece of Fake News… 

1. BBC fake newscast on war between NATO & Russia erupting in Latvia

The first story is prime example of how, well-produced fake news, feed the monster of uncertainty, sabre rattling, and ultimately frigmentation. Blindspot starts off with an example of fake news on steroids. It is a rather convincingly produced BBC breaking newscast indicating Russian and NATO forces had engaged each other in Latvia. Upon receiving this Blindspot could luckily quickly verify with a friend in Moscow that, phew, no such incidents have been reported on their side of the info-warfronts. 

The same report goes on to show how even the Royal Family in the UK had been taken to safety – fearing Russian attacks, perhaps even nuclear. This video was circulating in South Africa in the last week of January. Let us have a look. 

2. The 2022 Beijing olympics as geopolitical messaging board  

Not that Blindspot is much into athletics, but, what drew our attention to the so-called genocide games, as the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is called by anti-China opinion-mongers from Club Western World, is the fact that if one goes by media coverage, and statements made by leaders, one could swear that a whole new “Geopolitical War-Monger” code had been added to the icy Winter Olympics line-up. And, of course, fit for purpose, two new Sport Teams,  were added to the line-up, being: 

  1. The Counter-NATO expansion team (involving olympian protagonists Vladmir & Xi – with specific geographic red-line ‘trigger points’ being Ukraine & Taiwan); and 
  2. Team Anti-Russia/China posturing (of course championed by Club Western World, with likewisely claimed similar geographic ‘trigger points’ anchored in Ukraine and Taiwan). 

Blindspot notes that the week preceding the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics was characterised by anything but coverage of the sporting prowess and record-breaking potential of the athletes set to participate in the spectacle.

Instead, the newly added “Geopolitical War-Monger” athletics code, gobbled up most of world’s available airtime. 

Thus, assembled for 2022’s chilling Geopolitical War-Monger Olympiad, Blindspot finds, in the one corner, Team Anti-Russia/China is posturing by boycotting the games diplomatically – leaving very many empty political seats in the stands. Of late, India also called off any diplomatic mission to the Olympics due to fact that the Chinese chose a soldier, wounded in a border skirmish with India, as one of the Olympic flame bearers. This was enough to send India’s foreign policy masters into a fit of spicy anger, and to diplomatically diss its BRICS partner, in the face of the world.

And, in the other corner of the Olympiad Geopolitical War-Games, there is the JinPing-Putin team assembled as united counter-NATO front. 

Instead of focusing on the breakneck speeds at which skiers stay upright while maintaining a cool pose for the cameras, the 2022 Beijing Olympics feature primarily as glitzy hyper-sanitised backdrop against which anyone with major geopolitical gripe, can project its narrative & informational war-strategy. Like a very big shiny soapbox the main Olympic stadium in Beijing, called the Bird’s Nest, is not home to olympians competing for the honour of world records and accolades, and large brand sponsorship deals. Nope, the Bird’s Nest has become a digital soapbox on which the major powers are projecting all their geopolitical and geostrategic game-plans in terse words, and boycotts! 

A clip from a report by iTV captures the essence of the message the Vladmir-Xi team sent regarding their counter-NATO posture: There can be no more doubt that China and Russia has formed a strategic alliance, rejecting NATO expansionism, and recognising each other’s geostrategic interests in cases such as Taiwan and Ukraine. 

Many western countries refused to send diplomatic delegations in protest of China’s human rights abuses in its majority-Muslim Xinjiang region.  A lot of legitimate questions can be asked about this region in China, but for nations that have been at active war with the broad ‘Muslim world’ since 9/11, it might come across as a bit empty to no all of a sudden stand  up for a suppressed Muslim group in China? 

3. The UAE under attack from Yemen, and Iraq 

Frigmentation is having a whale of a time in the Middle East, especially if one zooms in on the multi-dimensional regional proxy war situations erupting. In this case we zoom in on the UAE that has been on the receiving end of drone strikes from inside Yemen. 

Blindspot has covered the war in Yemen, as well as increasing instability in the broad region brought about by proxy war activities. Now, it is clear that Shia-aligned militias have joined the fray to fight the UAE. Aljazeera reports on a new dimension of the conflict, with attacks launched from Iraq, on the UAE, also utilising drones. 

This follows several reports from past months indicating how Houthi forces from Yemen have been striking at the UAE using drones. This points to a definite intensification of what has long ceased to be a geographically confined site of proxy conflict, it is now spilling over more borders, and taking on an increasingly ominous dimension with US, and Iranian naval assets increasingly active in the region to bolster Saudi, and UAE defences.