RiskRecon Report launch – The South African case: local government failure as first stage of state collapse

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RiskRecon is a partnership between Dr Kingsley Makhubela, and Dr Petrus de Kock (aka Buiteboer on this platform). This day is significant for both partners [to see more about who we are, on the RiskRecon site – click here].

Back to 2 Feb 1990 & 2 Feb 2022!

On 2 February 1990, F.W. de Klerk gave his speech, exactly thirty two (32) years ago, that unbanned liberation movements, and announced the imminent release of Nelson Mandela, and other leaders, from prison.

This day changed not only South Africa, but more specifically the lives of the partners who, on this day, launch not only their company, but also a timely investigation of the problems of state systemic stability, state failure, and state collapse in South Africa. 

RiskRecon is a Strategic Solution for Times of Turbulent Change 

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