Blindspot #024 – Nazi’s march in Ukraine, Assange controversy & South Africa’s democracy burns

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Blindspot #024 – Nazi’s march in Ukraine, JulianAssange controversy & South Africa’s democracy burns

The first Blindspot of 2022 introduces our new looking & sounding introduction. But the year kicked off to a hot flame-filled start in the South African parliament- seems like Desmond Tutu’s departure from planet earth generated heated debate, or, is it a case of a departing soul setting things on fire, and turning off the lights on the way out?

Blindspot returns in 2022 with more coverage of dynamics, ideas, or destructively mad methods humans deploy in the name of sanity and civilisation. Blindspot 24 covers some fiery stories. In the Ukraine ultra far-right supporters marched to mark the birthday of Stepan Bandera, known Nazi collaborator in Ukraine during WWII. As the neo-Nazis were marching with their lit torches in Kiev, someone on the other side of the planet decided to have his own torchlight march in the parliament buildings, Cape Town, South Africa. 

Seems like the political year is going up in flames, even before it started. 

Our key stories for tonight: 

  1. Nazi’s March in Kiev, Ukraine 
  2. South Africa’s democracy going up in smoke
  3. Assange controversy, a view from China
  4. UN cannot reach consensus on limits to autonomous weapons