Blindspot #020 – Iron Maiden says it all about 2021, and, If you meet Buddha along the way – Kill Him!

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Blindspot #20 1.12.21

Below is the blog punted at the onset of Blindspot #20, and which the non-talking head presenter encouraged viewers to read before, during, and/or after watching the whole number twenty edition of Blindspot – and those to follow during the month of December 2021. 

Of course, December is a long month, so, it can also be said that Blindspot will go into a transitory phase into 2022, this due to the imminent launch of an exciting project together with the very first guest Blindspot ever interviewed, being, Dr KLM Makhubela – RiskRecon, but more about that in weeks to come. 

Here goes, Number twenty’s note…

Iron Maiden says it all about 2021 in Senjutsu, and, If you meet Buddha along the way, Kill Him!

It is apparently the end of the year, let us please not review what is, and was, a year that deserves what Buddha, according to the Zen Buddhists deserve when you happen to meet him on the road, which is to summarily kill him, or in the case of this year – It. 

I – Introduction 

The biggest big Blindspot news of the year, the ultimate blindspot Blindspot has been reserving till the first of December, is that Iron Maiden released an epic new piece of sonic art during the dreaded year, 2021, entitled – Senjutsu.

Inspired by Japanese legends and mythologies, Iron Maiden once again cooks up a post-Metal music soundscape that bends worlds and inspire movement beyond self- and externally imposed strictures on mind. 

Iron Maiden music provides a sonic bulwark defence against ulterior mental motives and cognitive war aimed at infecting your skull with viral apocalyptic ideas. 

All that Blindspot says, is that anyone who may have watched the official video (and who, simultaneously lived through the madhouse panic planet, our collective oversimulated reality had descended into), accompanying the song – “The Writing on the Wall”, will know that Iron Maiden is, once again, pointing minds beyond simple dualities of heaven-hells. 

Iron Maiden places hell squarely ‘on earth’, in the now, in the hands of totalitarian technologists, democratic demagogues, and dictators in the digitosphere. But, all the Masters of the Grand Deception of this toxic age, are eventually destroyed by Edie, in Senjutsu Japanese guise this time, of course. 

Iron Maiden warns against grand toxic deceptions, bio- and mind-wars of the post-human AI-age. 

II – Meeting Buddha along the way, and killing him

Yet, inspired by Iron Maiden we pause for a moment in Zen Buddhist minimalist wordless word territories.  In those silently monstrous eternal caverns where enlightenment might hide behind any grain of sand, or cherry blossom, statements that aim to catapult, and point mind at the non-points where voided enlightenment might be stumbled on, there is a saying that goes – “If you meet Buddha along the way – kill him!” 

The reason for bringing this up here at the onset of Blindspot #20 is because it is the first of December, and hence the dreaded compunction to review the year in this or that way. For this reason Blindspot emphatically takes a lesson from Zen Buddhist direct pointing to reality to point out that, if by any chance in the next thirty or so days you happen to meet the year 2021 on the road, I’d say – Kill It! 

Blindspot chooses to merely say that reviewing the key events and moments of madness strewn across the retreating time-wave of the year 2021, is as futile an exercise as as trying to cross the grand intersection where Chaos Avenue, and Mayhem Boulevard’s meet, with a unicycle, pulled by a skittish horse. 

It is because Buddha is no god, or saint, and therefore, in a rubbed down nuts and bolts version of Japanese Zen located in the Soto Zen school of thought-practice, when one is on the journey towards Satori (enlightenment), and if one so happens, on a dark snowy night to encounter Buddha in all his pot-bellied glory, he has to be overcome. Or, in the more direct words of Zen: killed. 

The only thing one can do with a year such as this, is to overcome it, and start already – before its end, with significant new moves and manoeuvres for what will not necessarily be a new year, but, most certainly another calendrical cycle in which to spectate the grand demolition of reason as the planet truly sinks into madness as predicted by Buiteboer in Searching for Madness in the Method. 

Buddha who is not the point, or destination, but, acts like a guidepost along the way of becoming, and therefore he is not the objective. Buddha points in a direction, his words help you navigate the pathless path to be trodden by only you on a journey towards Satori, enlightenment, that will ultimately show perhaps the inescapable lightness of being. 

Zen teaches sometimes in a rather abrupt and brutal way that if one persist with your illusions of grasping onto straws of meaning in the here and dusty now, that one day your illusions and attachments to the realm of clay and ego, might have you wake up as reincarnation of Paul Revere’s horse, to paraphrase Bob Dylan, as we jazz our way into number twenty of Blindspot’s delivery.

Let’s run through a few of the themes from the first Blindspot underground shows… to set the broad maddening scene crashing in on senses at a terminal intersection at the end of 2021. 

Watch out for the December edition of Leadership magazine, where the Blindspot column will, once again provide an overview of major and minor blindspots encountered along the way. 

Tonight we begin at Blindspot 5 and work out way though a few, until next week we pick up the mad theme of trying to kill this year, before it kills us all! 

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