Blindspot #014 – Russia severs ties with NATO & Australia’s Authoritarian [VAX] Apartheid

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Blindspot wants you to see the world others don’t – a world you won’t find in tweeting bird-fart farms. 

Blindspot #014 is packed with two big stories this week. As covered in previous Blindspots, a series of developments, including the rise of Iran through becoming a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, the fall of NATO in Afghanistan, and the immense Chinese pressure on Taiwan as likely flashpoint of geopolitical conflict, are now given further geopolitical ‘meaning’ due to the Russian Federation severing diplomatic ties with NATO. 

This Russian action is in response to NATO expelling eight Russian diplomats, apparently for ‘espionage,’ at its Brussels headquarters.

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, also announced that a NATO information bureau, located in Moscow, will be forced to shut down as part of retaliatory measures. 

Blindspot shows how the real post-Cold War geopolitical Blindspot has been the aggressive expansion of NATO into post-Soviet Eastern European ‘turf’ – all the while encroaching on the Russian Federation’s borders. This further breakdown in relations between the Russian Federation, and a braindead NATO (as it was called by the French president), signals more geo-strategic turbulence ahead. 

The second big story of the week is an ominous speech by an Australian politician, Tim Quilty, in the parliament of Victoria, protesting the Vax mandates imposed by the state’s Premier – Daniel Andrews. 

In an ironic twist of fate, Apartheid is now a buzz-word in Australian politics, because even elected parliamentarians are set to be barred from accessing the ‘house of parliament,’ if they are not vaccinated. reports on the above that: “The motion passed the lower house on Thursday morning with the support of all but one MP, Liberal Neil Angus, who argued the requirement to show proof of the jab was ‘undemocratic’ and ‘medical apartheid’.

The Premier of Victoria apparently took great offence at the word ‘Apartheid’ used to describe the consequence of draconian Praetorian vaccine mandates. This now means that any ‘citizen’ of Victoria, who have not had a needle stuck into them, will not be able to work, walk the dog, welcome friends in their home, go to school or church, and now – they won’t have a political representative, if such a person’s elected representative, is not vaccinated. 

As a South African platform that believes in human freedom of choice, bodily autonomy, the Nuremberg code that requires informed consent for medical procedures (especially of the experimental kind), the right to work, free movement, and association, it is unthinkable that even democratically elected representatives of ‘the people’ down under are now cancel cultured, and erased from the process of public democratic representation!  

Australian Praetorians are enforcing the 21st century manifestation of Apartheid 2.0: the imposition of a digital/QR code enabled Vax Pass that will separate the ‘clean’ vaccinated, from unvaxxed dirty underclasses. 

The rise of authoritarian ‘mandates,’ and repressive police state actions in Australia, has Blindspot ask whether the world did not learn anything from South Africa’s ugly ‘passbook’ history? Why is the world going back to the future of ‘passes’ – whether they are green, or blue, or intended to separate so-called whiteys from those apparently black? 

Representative democracy (through its elected representatives) is falling victim to the sword of a small needle carrying a lucky packet of experimental genetic code(s) to be unleashed on blood cells not just close to you, but in you. 

Australia is not alone in the slide towards medical Apartheid Authoritarianism. Recent weeks have seen escalating public protests against similar ‘no jab, no job’ mandate madnesses rolled out in Canada (Quebec), Italy, the USA, France, and several other jurisdictions. 

As covered in a previous Blindspot, the above developments conform to the idea of Frigmentatation, a 21st century phenomenon, wherein friction and fragmentation combine in an extremely acidic counter-social substance that can only divide, undermine, and lead to escalating conflict and societal collapse. 


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