Dr Petrus de Kock – Profile

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Dr. Petrus de Kock - Profile

Dr Petrus de Kock

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In 1995 Petrus started what was to become an action packed career, in Political Science. In the nearly thirty years hence, he has distinguished himself as an academic, critic, analyst, and thought leader. He has created, led, and delivered on multiple private- and public sector social, political risk, policy, economic, and natural resource extraction-related projects. In the process he has advised corporations and public entities on geopolitical and sectoral/market dynamics and risks. He straddles many worlds, has been involved in, and actively deployed strategic projects in more than thirty African markets. Hence he understands the African- and Emerging World realities from the proverbial pavement, all the way up to its highest offices in the land.

Hard facts speak the loudest, and his unique skill is to tackle a question, or issue, with no fear of what results one might find. 

Petrus has worked in academia, think tanks/civil society, and ran his own geopolitical risk analysis outfit. Between 2012 and 2021 he was General Manager for Research, in an SOE, in the Presidency of the Republic of South Africa. Petrus now works independently under his BuiteboerTM brand name. 

Petrus is a prolific writer and commentator. He holds a PhD in Philosophy, Masters Degree in Political Science, as well as Honours and BA degrees. His research work has won awards and he has published widely in academic publications, media platforms, and he recently released a new book entitled – Searching for Madness in the Method – this is not a survival guide to Autopilot’s Disease and the Turbulent Twenties of the twenty-First century.