BLINDSPOT –>> #005 [18.8.21]

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What are we Blindspotting in  Delivery #005? 

On the heavier, and lighter side of vaccine politics, Blindspot shares a showdown between Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator) and Alex Jones (Info Wars). If what they’re saying is anything to go by, the USA might soon descend into not a MAGA-driven civil war, but indeed an anti-Globalist anti-Vaccine anti-Whoever is a needle wielding Terminator, uprising. Also, on the lighter side of vaccine politics, Blindspot shows how The Simpsons had very apparently achieved enlightenment long ago already, and that like their prediction of Trump becoming president, the Simpsons had also foretold the compulsory vaccine ‘death jab’.

This week’s Blindspots have three common threads: vaccines, viruses, and the geopolitics of grand failures. The woke Club Western world is apparently shocked at the pace with which twenty years of US war in Afghanistan, training- and equipping of the official Afghan Defence force (counting about 300,000 men under arms), brought about, well, NOTHING. Afghan forces and militias allied to the government all but faded like mist before the rising sun as the Taliban emerged from caves and the fog of twenty years of US war gaming, while enriching only the Barons of the Military Industrial Complex.

Blindspot then takes this as a point of departure to look into two announcements, in first six months of this year, of US Special Forces, and Trainers, deploying to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Mozambique. 

Here’s the Blindspot ‘million dollar question’: In 2001 Afghanistan was invaded to vanquish the Taliban ‘regime,’ find Al Qaeda (and Osama bin Laden), and to secure the USA against terror strikes similar to that of 9/11. Now, twenty years later, the USA is withdrawing, and the Taliban jumped back, fully formed, armed, and probably much more dangerous than ever. Is it just a Blindspot in thinking, to think that anything was achieved? Or, is the bigger goal a further expansion of the great North-African, Middle-Eastern, and Central Asian zone of Chaos and War by allowing Afghanistan’s puppet paper tiger state to collapse? 

Nevertheless, this week we also Blindspot a question relating the the SputnikV vaccine, and South Africa’s strange choices regarding firstly not accepting a total of 20 million doses, available for South Africa, earlier in the year, only some months later to be followed by half baked plans to now perhaps procure SputnikV. The blindspot question is – is South Africa’s choice of vaccines perhaps not captured by big Pharma corporate lobbyists? Did South Africa not snub one of its BRICS partners by refusing the Russian offer, but instead to go with jabs like those produced by Johnson & Johnson? We do also note that SputnikV remains more than 90% effective against new variants of the Covid19 virus. 

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