Dr Kingsley Makhubela Interview – Part 2

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BLINDSPOT SPECIAL - Dr Kingsley Makhubela Interview Part 2

Following on part 1 where we explored Dr Makhubela’s experience as head of O.R. Tambo’s security team in exile, this part zooms in on his experience as South Africa’s ambassador to Kenya. He arrived in the country on 1 April, 2001. Due to the fact that both the Somalis, and Kenyans, trusted South Africa, Dr Makhubela got involved in mediation efforts. 

The interview focuses on the total collapse of the Somali state, and the resulting appearance of a multiplicity of warlords, and forces, that vie for control, and influence. Note that the total collapse of the Somali state leads to a unique situation, where what Dr Makhubela calls – third generation militias, emerge. 

The interview also focuses on his PhD studies, wherein he develops the concept of 3rd generation militias which is definitely a unique contribution to research on the phenomenon of state failure, state collapse, and the resulting conditions of perpetual war/conflict.