Blindspot Delivery #002 – 28.7.21

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Blindspot #002 arrived at eyeballs close to you from another wing of BUNKER 42

Blindspot 2 – [28.7.21] Still coming to eyeballs close to you from BUNKER 42 

In this edition of Blindspot we look at two somewhat inter-related issues. First off Blindspot stays on the topic of an apparent, and alleged, insurrection against the democratic state, launched from inside South Africa’s ruling party – the African National Criminals (ANC). 

We Blindspot the “buck passing” in the State Security Cluster, and how honourable ministers in these portfolios are mud slinging and ducking accountability like proper Teflon Dogs from New York. We unpack an article recently released on the Buiteboer/Blindspot platform entitled: 

An Absent State caught between Looters and Community Militias – a Mad Max Scenario for South Africa?

Secondly, Blindspot also announces the release of Part 1 of a special interview with Dr Kingsley Makhubela. The first part released today focuses on his story: going into exile at the age of seventeen, then becoming the head of Oliver Reginald Tambo’s security team at the age of twenty-four (24). 

The yet to be released Part 2 of this interview with Dr Makhubela focuses on the theme of state failure and collapse in Somalia. Lessons from his experience in Somalia are then applied to the case of South Africa’s apparently challenged State system.