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Blindspot I Eye U

[1] A blindspot is most often associated with vehicles, at least those that have rear view mirrors. As motorcyclist, Buiteboer is acutely aware of the many mysterious ways in which blindspots appear. 

[2] If the Merriam-Webster dictionary is to be believed, the phenomenon of a Blindspot begins in the way the body, in this case specifically the eye, is wired for sight. At the point where the optic nerve snakes its way into the eye (on its long sparkling walk to freedom from inside the brain’s greyish matter), it does not possess rods and cones, thus rendering it light insensitive. The optic nerve is therefore, at the point where it enters the eyeball – a BLINDSPOT.

[3] That which enables Vision, merges into the eye, as a spot of blindness. In order to see, do we first have to be blind?

[4] When applied in contexts beyond mechanisms of humanoid sight, it is also said that blindspots occur when a ‘portion of a field’ cannot be seen, or inspected, with whatever equipment at a humanoid’s disposal. Field is of course not only meant as the rather pedestrian, “field of grass & trees sporting hefty beef still shitting and snorting on the hoof, with bees buzzing flowers to honey’d life.” Blindspots, of course most often, appear in zones of behaviour and discourse. As illustrated by Merriam-Webster, a blindspot forms at a moment in time when, or where, someone’s decisions, actions, spoken words, or other outcropping of weirdness show that a person failed to exercise their judgement, or basically ‘common sense’ [whatever the latter may be]. 

[5] Understanding that sight begins in blindness, and that humanoid behaviour, thinking, language, and actions can spotlight moments where they are nothing but bullies behaving badly – the Blindspot platform aims to bring three lines from Bruce Dickinson’s song ‘Tyranny of Souls,’ from the 2005 album, bearing the same title, to life: 




[6] If the above are taken into consideration, it is clear that Blindspots are multi-dimensional occurrences that happen both in material reality where humanoids deploy their saintly and/or despicably demonic actions.

[7] The blindspot is therefore, in and of itself, a new problem for 21st century research, and, is as occurrence in the worlds of Homo Sapiens, screaming for attention from out of its damp dark corner of intellectual neglect. 

[8] What is a Blindspot Manifesto, anyway? 

[9] And why raise spectres embedded in the inner historical meaning(s) of this highly politicised word: Manifesto?

[10] Why wring yet another manifesto from the throat of language, when meaning is instantaneous, and sense a by-product of 21st century digitospheric noise?

[11] Welcome to the virtual Gulags of the future from which death may yet prove not to be a great escape as you anxiously try to exit the pressure cooker of up-loadable & transferable consciousness.

[12] But, once again, hidden in the veils and blindspots of language, the meaning of the word manifesto exposes something quite interesting, being that its roots hide in the Latin word – Infestus, which means: Hostile.

[13] Am I, BuiteBoer, thus engaging in a hostile act at this very moment, as these words manifest in fields of the ear’s sound-vision?

[14] To thicken the plot even further, it can be asked: Is this manifesto a manifestation of hostile intent? Is a militant vanguard hiding behind the fingers typing these words into the machine, and its artificial horizon constituted by a fancy screen?

[15] Will Blindspot strike like lighting from nowhere to reveal shocking reels of the real where things are not as rosy as they might seem in your average mediated reality TV’d info-stream.

A fresh serving of Kardashian Alsatians, anyone?

[16] Is a bone chilling scream about to erupt at the other end of the screen?

[17] Blindspot is not a TV show that sports be-botoxed knee- and tear-jerking hosts who’s flatulent opinions are nothing but post-viral bot-speak.

[18] Blindspot is not a “News” broadcast.

[19] Blindspot aims to “Break the News”. Are we smelling some ‘Infestus’ festering in pure Latin form in these ominous manifestoed words?

[20] Neither is Blindspot intended to mimic and Ape the Infomotainment digital fodder your eyeballs are fed with by those proclaiming to broadcast 24/7 “breaking news”.

[21] Blindspot aims to “BREAK” the News into very small pieces and spare parts that most ‘people/eyeballs’ do not have the guts to look at, or, where those eyeballs do not have enough common sense to even think of thinking about looking. Blind mice tumbling down digitospheric rabbit holes… swallowing all your life prints, and digitising your real by evaporating your window on the organically real stuff crawling in planetary dust. 

[22] Blindspot makes no promises, but, if promises are made in/on/by Blindspot, they will be kept.

[23] Blindspot promises to take you beyond not only headlines, but to the unperceived, and sometimes willingly ‘unseen’ realities humanoids think they inhabit. 

[24] Blindspot promises to see the world in a somewhat ‘different,’ but, ‘refreshing,’ way…

[25] Blindspot promises to surprise, it promises to spring things from the unknown unknowns, and to shine black light in the corners where others do not dare. 

[26] Blindspot is the Black Light.