fIrST cONtAcT ImMinEnt – Searching for Madness in the Method is Nearly here

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The Searching for Madness in the Method Ship, Steered by Space Mantis, is on its final asymmetric approach... fIrST cONtAcT ImMinEnt - HOLD ONTO YOUR RODEO HAT(S) & BeAcH tOwELs

Searching for Madness in the Method - this is Not a Survival Guide to Autopilot's Disease, and the Turbulent Twenties of the Twenty-first Century

This experimental essay identifies new problems, and preconceived ideas, that show how “Method” is actually manifest Madness. This entertainingly light read is for anyone (un)aware of the panicometer needle reaching its red-line limit.

Pan(dem)ic induced developments on glocal stages, force a question to the fore: 

What happens to the PERSON, in a time of multiple interlocking WORLD crises, induced by Pan(dem)ic circumstance, and how does one even begin to RESEARCH such an issue/problem? 

>>Observe Space Mantis ->> to the Right

In case you hustled like an outlaw under Azania’s level 4 & 5 national lock-up procedures, for smokable scores, this essay is for you because Post-democratic policy mongerers are ruining project RSA. These pages reveal how said mongerers almost turned Democratic Mandelaland, into the Islamic Republic of SouthAfricaniStan, with four basic laws: No Smoke, No Drink, No Dance, No Nothing! 

Buiteboer diagnoses: Corrupt Utopianism, and Autopilot’s Disease. The former disorder involve Porsche Cayenned, and be-Gucci’d board members as the clandestine sharp end of the Corruption Stick who perpetrate gang-land style highway robbery tactics in fancy suits. Autopilot’s Disease is exposed via a reading of Credo Mutwa’s legend of Self-driving Huts – an absolute Must Read! 

From MAGA-Trump, to Obama spectating the streamed assassination of Osama through weaponised lenses; from Posthuman wet dreams of Robo/AI tin can beasts removing the Meat, the Human/You, from the code of the future; from Silicon Valley Inc’s theft of the ‘outside,’ to the Dictatorship of the Digitosphere, Buiteboer leaves no Global Digital Feudalist era stone unturned. 

Buiteboer Reveals the Mostly done, mostly probably final CoVeR deZign...

BUT  –  Before then, what else hides in the Pages of this Experimentally Extended Essay?

In a ground breaking reading of Neil Blomkamp’s film, CHAPPIE, this Streetwise Professor is presented as an atypical AI, and that Zef, as contra-culture, enables a human future where the meat does not have to be taken from the equation, like in films such as Terminator, or The Matrix, fuckmother…

This search for Madness in the Method culminates in a highly entertaining Exhibit Z. A ‘translation’ of a prophetic story by Prof. Jan Kalahari: The officially non-redacted translation, into Machiavellian Inglish, of: Rook as misdadigheid en Sigmund die Fraud herkoloniseer Afrika [Smoking as Criminal Offence and Sigmund the Fraud Recolonises Africa].

It will rock your non-smokable world, and shake your understanding of contemporary Post-democratic Pan(dem)ic induced Social Control in the age of Totalitarian Virality.