Autopilot’s Disease ://: This is Not An Info-Graphic #2.67

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Searching Madness in the Method: This is NOT an Info-Graphic on Autopilot's Disease

Searching for Madness in the Method exposes a major new mental-physical DISORDER stalking the MeatWorlds of planet earth. In this New (soon to be) Out of the Box, Buiteboer project, Searching for Madness in the Method, he argues that  a whole host of ‘things’ had to converge and create conducive conditions for Autopilot’s Disease to appear and manifest.

This disease emerges from the techno-cultural obsession with removing the meat (the person/human) from the equation. This means that Autopilot’s Disease festers in techno-utopian conditions. It manifests in a sheepish surrender to what is believed to be the inevitable irrelevance of humans. Autopilot’s Disease convinces Persons that their meagre abilities and frail bodies are bound to be surpassed by the power of the digitosphere, and the mega machine-monsters of metal driven by self-conscious AI. 

Africa Sideways - Buiteboer Trace v3.4