The original stories that got Coup d’état in the Land of Zep Tepi – A Progress Report, book moving

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How two stories, one from Uganda, and the other from Mozambique, inspired the Zep Tepi Coup project

Stairways to Zep Tepi – the mystery of the Bachwezi people’s disappearance into lake Mwitanzige

During a foray into western Uganda, through a town called Hoima (Oil City), Buiteboer arrived on the shores of Lake Mwitanzige (called Lake Albert in colonial lingo). Here, on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Uganda, the original legend of the Bachwezi people crossed the path of his ears. The rest is history as they say, it established the first half of the foundation of what was to eventually become the book – Coup d’état in the Land of Zep Tepi – A Progress Report.

The story originally published in The Thinker, Vol 33, 2011.

Stairways to Zep Tepi - the original Lake Mwitanzige disappearance of the Bachwezi story